I have been playing rs since 12 and now at 21 I am well on my way to reaching my goals (Max cape). I also make Runescape YouTube videos and guides, follow me here on tumbler for live updates on my rs life and as always good luck on your drops!
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All the bosses in size order, biggest to smallest! [x]

(Source: Mod Chris L twitter)

this a full 7.5m of kingdom if u max out maples and the rest on mahogany logs. i am after the eggs for my collection but it was fun   

my collection so far. Monster hunter FTW


my prettys

(Monster Hunter) Kids Collection Vol:1 Review

starting new YouTube channel lol 
its a monster hunter product review channel and will be a lot of fun for me and i will able to rate items as i add to my collection. also i still have my contract =] 



- hunters on the run -

By NCH85

** Permission was granted by the artist to share this gif.

so cute

maybe making a new channel for monster hunter content

i just got a username i have wanted for 3 year. lol yay and will only sell for a blue phat . 


Woop! 40 followers!

I promised I’d do a giveaway when i hit this number so here goes! :d

1st place - 15m

2nd place - 10m

3rd place - 5m

reblog/like to enter! will pick someone at reset tomorrow (must be following)

how fitting a gloomy sky over the 95 div spot lol 

idk how to get shards but i guess i just train right?

dont……afk pvm….. 


I love this couple

just bought my set ^^