I have been playing rs since 12 and now at 21 I am well on my way to reaching my goals (Max cape). I also make Runescape YouTube videos and guides, follow me here on tumbler for live updates on my rs life and as always good luck on your drops!
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starting new YouTube channel lol 
its a monster hunter product review channel and will be a lot of fun for me and i will able to rate items as i add to my collection. also i still have my contract =] 



- hunters on the run -

By NCH85

** Permission was granted by the artist to share this gif.

so cute

maybe making a new channel for monster hunter content

i just got a username i have wanted for 3 year. lol yay and will only sell for a blue phat . 


Woop! 40 followers!

I promised I’d do a giveaway when i hit this number so here goes! :d

1st place - 15m

2nd place - 10m

3rd place - 5m

reblog/like to enter! will pick someone at reset tomorrow (must be following)

how fitting a gloomy sky over the 95 div spot lol 

idk how to get shards but i guess i just train right?

dont……afk pvm….. 


I love this couple

just bought my set ^^ 


Happy birthday NYChannel!

Bringing your character to life was a lot of fun!



Auspah’s 100 follower Art Giveaway!

Since I just hit a milestone or whatever follower-wise I figured I better do one of these!

How to enter:

  • 1 like counts as 1 entry. 
  • 1 reblog counts as 1 entry.

You can reblog this as many times as you want.


  • A full colored drawing of a Runescape NPC of your choice OR your RS character.

There will be three winners. The giveaway ends on 8/30/2014, when I will announce the winners and contact them. Please have your askbox open!


  • No blank blogs. Wtf. 
  • You do not need to be following me to win.
  • Your ask box needs to be open.
  • No fucking gnome child I will not draw that as your prize lmfao
  • You need to be a semi-runescape related blog like I don’t want random ppl reblogging this, winning and asking for art of like, Digimon or something.

If you’d like to view more of my Runescape art you can here!

Good luck!

This ends soon, everyone! Don’t forget!

so i have been taking an rs break i bought my seismic wand and then all my ambitions died lol so wat have i been doing ? well i work full time and got to college full time. and in my very little free time i play monster hunter. i am now super addicted to MH and i have been collecting the Mh plushies because they r soooo cute. 

mmmmmmmmmmm nothing like a all natural woman . 

A Seismic buff is needed

a small buff to seismics would help the game a lot. with the release of arraxor they dropped 400m witch is fine but arraxor is easy and is a solo boss. its not fear to ppl and clans that verago for fun and their in game money. a solo boss drops a staff that is stronger then a 5-8 man boss that drops wand and orb. now thats not ok. wands should be a rare treat for those who hunt for it. and maybe a small buff to wand maybe add a spec to it and add a new few duel wielding mage ability. if the wand and orb dont get a buff we will see verago turn slowly to dead content. (maybe give the wand a buff if the player is using both the wand and orb of the same type. so if u use a barrows book and a seismic wand u dont get the buff but if u use the seismic wand and orb u get a 5-10% damage increase.) 

anyone have a full set of tectonic and or sirenic they would like to sell. i will pay 5m more than ge price. (it wont buy in ge i have tryed)